Top 5 Tips

Some helpful tips and hits for entering the British Youth Travel Awards

  • Check out the list of categories to see which one/s are for you
  • Once you have selected which award categories are applicable to you carefully study the entry criteria.  Judges will score the entry out of 10 on each of the set criteria elements.  To ensure that you maximise your scores we highly recommend that you set out your submission document with each of these headings and respond fully to each in turn.  Your submission statement should not exceed 3,000 words, but can be supported by supplementary evidence.
  • Self-nominate – blow your own trumpet and tell us how good you are! Make it snappy, make it flashy if you like, but be sure to address all of the points in the criteria document.
  • To nominate, complete an Official Entry Form, even if it’s just with your contact details and the category that you are entering – that way we will know to expect it more from you!
  • Post your Official Entry Form and submission documents to us before the deadline.  Judges will meet in person to score each submission and it is mandatory to send a postal entry for consideration by the panel.

And once you have done this, go ahead and do it all over again! You can submit entries in the same category with different products, or select a different category and enter that.

For the full list of categories, criteria, judging panel, past winners, please navigate the links on the top frame.

Can’t find a category that is suitable for you? we have tried to cover all bases, looking at the sectors that we represent, but if you have any thoughts or ideas for future award categories, we’d love to hear from you

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