BETA Cookie Policy
Through accessing and using the features of our website you are agreeing to our privacy policy and our use of cookies. We encourage you to read both our privacy policy and this cookie policy in order to be fully aware of how we use your information.

What are Cookies?
A cookie is a small file which contains text or numerical information. These files are downloaded to your device when you visit any website, including ours. Cookies allow our website to recognise your device so we can enhance your experience of using our website. Cookies do this by allowing you to navigate through the pages efficiently and remembering your preferences, amongst other uses.

How BETA use Cookies
The BETA website and services use cookies to identify you and your preferences and to provide increased functionality when using our website. The placement of cookies also allows us to gather anonymous data regarding the usage and functionality of our website, in order to identify ways in which to improve our website and services.

The cookies used on our website have been categorised based on information provided by the International Chamber of Commerce UK Cookie Guide.

Please note that some cookies used on our website may be set by third-parties.

Strictly Necessary Cookies
These cookies are essential for using our website, enabling the services that you have specifically requested when consenting to using our website. These cookies will be used for basic functions such as remembering your previous actions when navigating our website during a single session.

These cookies are not used to remember your preferences outside a single session and will not be used to gather information for marketing purposes.

Performance Cookies
These cookies collect aggregated information about how our visitors use our website. This enables use to improve the functionality of our site and monitor its efficiency.

Any data collected by cookies is always anonymous and will not identify our users in any way.

Functionality Cookies
These cookies allow us to remember your preferences to provide a more personal browsing experience. These cookies may also be used to deliver specific website functions .

Any data collected by these cookies will not allow your browsing to be tracked by other websites.

Targeting and Advertising Cookies
These cookies enable effective delivery of adverts relevant to you. These cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order to remember which adverts you have already seen and to tailor the genre of advertisements to your personal interests.

These types of cookies are usually set by the third-parties who provide the advertising, therefore, BETA has no control over and cannot be held responsible for the use of any data collected.

Each of these four categories can fall in to a further two categories, session cookiesand persistent cookies:

Session Cookies
These types of cookies are created temporarily, allowing us to link to your actions during a browser session. A browser session starts when you open your browser window and ends when you close it.

Persistent Cookies
These types of cookies remain on your device for a specified period of time, becoming active each time you visit our website.

Third-party Cookies
These are cookies that are set by anther domain, not by BETA and Targeting and advertising cookies are usually third-party cookies and are not set by ourselves, therefore, BETA has no control over and cannot be held responsible for the use of any data collected.

Please note that many browsers offer a function to disallow third-party cookies only.

How to manage Cookies
All of the cookies used on our website are for the purposes of enhancing your experience. We do not use the cookies to collect personal data about you.

There are ways of managing cookies for this website and others. You can change your cookie preferences and settings in most modern browsers, however, it is important to remember that any changes you make to your browser settings will be applicable to all websites that you browse.

Help with Cookies
In this cookie policy we have tried to provide you with all the basic information on cookies and their uses in an understandable fashion. If, however, you would like learn more about cookies and their uses, then please consult the following information:

International Chamber of Commerce
A guide to Digital Economy, including a downloadable UK Cookie Guide.

The Internet Advertising Bureau
A guide to online behavioural advertising.

All About Cookies
Resources outlining the nature and use of cookies.