After acquiring an English language school when her twins were 12 months old, Ella’s drive to succeed saw the company develop from a small lifestyle business into one of the most successful privately owned providers of international junior language courses in the UK welcoming over 5,000 students per year.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, the business she had spent 15 years building up was annihilated – her £2 million turnover evaporated overnight and she was forced to cut her staff from 30 to 3.

Seeing this as an opportunity to redesign her life, she sold her language business and has spent the past 2 years focusing on her other business, Lead5050, which accredits organisations that want to improve their gender pay gap and improve their profits by rebalancing their workplace. Lead5050 now employs 6 people and has customers across the world.

A resilient, optimistic and driven fun seeker, she would like to be remembered as the person ‘who got shit done, but never took herself too seriously’.