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I am not a member of BETA , can I still enter?

Yes this event is for all organisations in the UK youth, student and educational sector, it is not exclusive to BETA members.

Is there a fee for entering the awards?

No entry is free.

I have been awarded before – am I eligible to receive another award?

Yes you can nominate every year. However organisations that have been successful in winning a particular category for three consecutive years will not be permitted to enter. A period of 12 months must pass before that organisation is eligible to enter again.

How do I get into the Hall of Fame?

For you or your company to feature in the Hall of Fame, you would need to win in a single category for three consecutive years.  Other entries in the Hall of Fame are for individual awards for Outstanding Achievement. Visit our Hall of Fame

If I meet all of the criteria, will I definitely get an award?

If you meet all of the criteria, your nomination will be submitted to our panel of judges who will score each application and select a winner in each category.

Can I enter for more than one award category?

Yes you can enter as many categories as you wish. Each entry must be made using the official entry form. 

When is the awards Nominations deadline?

All submissions must be received by 5pm on 01 September 2023.

How are the winners of each award determined?

The panel of judges will meet in person to review each submission and supporting evidence and rate the successfulness of each criteria point out of 10. The shortlisted nominations will be announced in September with the winners being announced at the Awards Ceremony in November.

Who are the judges?

Judges are all impartial industry experts covering a range of subjects and expertise. Meet the judges: judging panel

When will the shortlist be announced?

The shortlisted nominees in each category (with the exception of Outstanding Achievement) will be announced in September.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners in each category will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in November.