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Shown below in alphabetical order are the finalists in the Best Innovation Category


Generator’s GenFriends App

Generator has always been immensely successful in creating a product that brings people together, historically using events, physical spaces, and food and drinks to ensure that guests, and particularly solo travellers, experience positive connectivity and memorable social experiences while they’re staying at Generator properties. GenFriends was created in 2018 with the help of global advertising agency, TBWA mobile, giving guests the option to connect and match with other guests, to form groups to experience a new city together, as well as the opportunity for management to communicate directly with guests in real time.


Goki provides technology solutions exclusively to the hostel market, enabling guests to check-in and download their keys prior to arrival. For Hostel owners, this streamlines check-in, lowers staff overheads and creates a mobile community to engage more effectively with their guests. During their stay, guests can meet other people staying at the same time, see what’s on at the hostel & book local experiences - increasing ancillary revenue and improving guest satisfaction scores.

Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience is a pioneering, Layered Reality, hi-tech guest experience where guests can step within the story, brought to life by the narration and music from Jeff Wayne’s iconic double album. The multi-sensory experience combines pulsating music, immersive theatre, virtual reality, holograms, pyrotechnics, live actors and sets to create another world where the audience feel as if they are a living participant within the story.

The Vimal Group (Keetoo)

The Vimal Group launched Keetoo in February 2019. It’s a mobile app which offers visitors to London, both domestic and international a simple, convenient, flexible and affordable way to enjoy the capital. Crucially, we’ve always been determined to drive a more valuable customer to our tourist attraction and restaurant partners. Because we are focused on increasing yields and creating an immersive, engaging experience for the customer on-site through innovative tech, we’re rather unique in our field. We’ve also focused on providing a product that suppliers can also offer/promote as added value to their customers, from transport and accommodation providers, right through to educational establishments, Keetoo offers a great way to drive good will to customers.

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