Notes for entrants​​​​

Your video must be no longer than a minute and a half (your entry will NOT be accepted if your video is longer than this)

Your video must be explicitly about the project itself and NOT be a marketing video

  • Any voice, or any number of voices, can tell the story of your project or campaign
  • It will be judged on the story you tell not on the production values
  • Videos can be simple and straightforward to make – at a minimum, all that’s needed is access to a smartphone
  • You must use the 1.5-minute video to address why your entry is special and why you should win
  • Further information about the entry can be covered in your awards entry form
  • If using a collection of images, consider recording a voiceover to explain the entry
  • Record in landscape mode to make the most out of the space on the screen
  • Make sure the audio is clear and of a reasonable quality
  • Make sure the lighting is good when recording a video
  • If using subtitles, please ensure they are legible throughout the video and can be seen on a computer and a large screen
  • We recommend you upload your video either to your website, Vimeo, YouTube or similar and then provide us with the URL link.  We cannot accept video uploads in any other format.

Will I earn points for it?

Yes! additional points will be awarded for Dragons Den videos